Products: Drum and Panel Filter Media Types

"TSI Filtration offers the largest selection of drum filter media in the industry. We have over 20 standard offerings, including 4 different high temperature media. If we currently do not have the right media in our product line, we can custom design a media for your application."

TSI stocks media fabrics for all major OEM types and styles of drums and manufacture media to your specific requirements in our in-house cutting rooms. Major media types are:
TSI designs and manufactures media to achieve special flow and efficiency characteristics.

Felt drum seals are available in any width, with special coatings which enhance wear resistance.

Tension bands, replacement nozzles, hoses, fans and other dust house accessories and supplies.

Yellow TS1
145 CFM

Tan TS2
170 CFM

Blue TS 3
260 CFM

Timberwolf TS4
229 CFM

Sheepskin TS6
300 CFM

Yellow Mist TS9
325 CFM

White 50/50 TS10
229 CFM

HLF Regular TS11
233 CFM

HLF White HD TS12
95 CFM

Accrylic Coated
20-40 CFM

Woven Multifil
Polyester Laminate
2-3 CFM

Teflon Foam
Unsupported Polyester
20 - 30 CFM

Membrane Surface

Polyurethane Foam
Unsupported Polyester
20 - 36 CFM

self supported
20 - 40 CFM

scrim supported
20 - 40 CFM

Available in Mesh Counts From 1 to 325 Per Inch:

Available Alloy Mesh Materials:

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel

Copper Mesh

Brass Mesh
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